Official App Launch! Aug 12, 2021

Virtual Launch Party!

This app contains a living and evolving archive of the creative works of Matthew Garrison. You will find past albums, new albums, audio and video content, music charts and scores, lessons and live streams all in one place that will be continuously updated as Matthew develops more content.

You will also find special collaborative projects that Matthew regularly engages in.

View and Listen to a Song in the Collection


The right side of the view shows all the musicians participated in a song from one of the albums.

Here, you can where you can play the video to start listening to the song.

Swap clips and create your own combinations!

When you’re in a song, the lower left menu displays alternate clips embedded within a part. 

This means you can choose to hear and view the song with a different bass players for example! 

Isolate a part to practice. Hear the song with however many parts you want!

Each part comes with a chart and the artists biography!

You can use the app as a learning tool.

Watch Live Performances, Workshops, Interviews, Lessons and more, all Here!

Keep up with our live events all streaming from the Matt Garrison app!